Why Pour Over Coffee Makers Are The Best

There are a lot of different debates that tend to go around in the world of coffee and the like, and many of these debates are associated with the kind of coffee preparation method that people would prefer at any given point in time. Some people think that French presses are the way to go, others feel like drip coffee is where it’s at whereas some might want to be all fancy and use an espresso maker that would create drinks that are similar to those that you might find in the various coffee shops of the world.

That said, it is important to note that in our opinion the best way to make coffee is by using the pour over method. If you read this honest review of the bodum pour-over coffee maker, you would see just how wonderful this brewing method truly has the potential to end up being. When you make pour over coffee, the most important thing that you would be doing is that you would be using water that is quite hot but is not at all at the boiling point.

This is crucial if you want to preserve the taste of your coffee and boost it in every way, shape or form. Using boiling water will ruin your cup of coffee and make it taste really water or muddy, neither of which would be preferable if you are an aficionado that cares about how their coffee tastes. The pour over method also allows the maximum amount of flavor to be extracted from the coffee grounds, and pour over coffee makers help make this coffee brewing process simpler by automating it at the end of the day.