Why Our Body Needs Testosterone

Testosterone is one of the most important male sex hormones. It is responsible for things like, fertility, fat placement in the body, muscle mass, and rather production of new red blood cells.

A healthy level of testosterone is needed at all times in the male body, and if the levels drops down too low, it might cause problems like infertility, and hypogonadism. However, there are lots of sources which can help increase your testosterone levels.

The low testosterone problem is increasing on a daily basis, and many people are even taking prescriptions for testosterone supplements to keep its levels up. Below mentioned are some points on why testosterone is so important for your body.

Testosterone Levels in Our Body

Young Boys have a surge in their testosterone production when they hit puberty. However, the levels of this hormone keep decreasing in the male body. But the testosterone can even drop down below the normal level as men age, meaning that men can suffer from testosterone deficiency at any age.

Typically, men see a gradual decline in their testosterone levels after they hit 40 years. This is considered normal unless the level decreases at the of around 1.6% every year after the age of 40 years. Any numbers above this mark indicate the onset of hypogonadism no matter what the age of the affected man might be.

Lack of Proper Testosterone Balance

As we mentioned earlier, testosterone plays quite a few different roles in our body, and that’s why the deficiency of testosterone can cause lots of issues with different organs in our body.

Low testosterone levels in men are usually linked with reduced sex drive, less sperm count, enlarged breast tissue, and even erectile dysfunction. That is why people take no prescription testosterone supplements (testosteroni lisäravinne ilman reseptiä) to treat this issue safely.