What Does Acqua Di Gio Smell Like?

Acqua di Gio by Giorgio Armani is a scent that stands out proudly, this is an amazing cologne to have in your collection and it has acclaimed great reputation, even more than its predecessors which had its flaws but this one is certainly a piece which stands apart, even the harshest of scent critics have found it hard to come up reasons against it, so if your collection is missing a light fragrance which can be your perfect summer scent then this is the perfect option, the question that many ask is what does acqua di gio smell like and the answer to that is you have to bring a light woody, aquatic and spicy composition into mind and recall the best light perfume that you have ever smelled, acqua di gio smells exactly like that.

It is important to have a few scents in your collection which suits every occasion, there are a few which are specifically day-time scents and would not work in a dinner date or any similar occasion, but Armani acqua di Gio perfume is such a light yet brilliant option which you can wear anytime, anywhere, and that is the best part and honestly men love this sort of scent and prefer to have it in their wardrobe over a number of different options which aren’t as light as this one. This is one subtle beauty which makes us feel more confident and with its amazing smell it makes others just admire our choice.

As the name suggests this is an aquatic scent, you can expect geranium leaves, sage and rosemary to blend with the top notes of Bergamot and Sea to create an amazingly lasting smell which is so subtle and refreshing.