Ways a Tree Can Damage Your House

Having a great looking house with trees in its yard is one of the best sites that you will definitely admire. People actually look for goo looking trees when buying a new house. While trees can increase the curb appeal of your house, it can be damaging for your house as well if not enough tree care is provided.

Trees can do lots of different things to damage houses. If you have a tree growing in your yard as well, below mentioned are some of the ways it can damage your house. You should be aware of these damages.


Roots are a vital part of every tree which provide it with enough support and a way to take up nutrients from the soil. However, roots of a tree can do incredible damage as well. Roots also present an problem when a tree is being removed, and they can damage your house in multiple ways. If the roots of a tree make it to the foundation of your house, they are keep moving the soil beneath your house to eventually make some weak points directly below the house.

If You Have a Dead Tree

If you have a dead tree in your yard but you haven’t removed it yet, it can also become a problem. If you have trees in your lawn, you should keep yourself well aware of all the basic needs of the tree in order to keep both the tree and your house and family safe. However, trees can die as well because of certain diseases. When this happens, cracks develop in the dead trees. Usually, you can detect a dead tree by taking a look at the cracks it is developing.

Cracks in trees can make them fall on your house at any time. So, keep your house and family members safe by keeping an eye on your trees.