Things You Should Consider Before Buying an Automatic Cat Feeder

Buying an automatic cat feeder is one of the best things that you can do for your cat when leaving your house for a few days due to any reason. However, buying the wrong automatic cat feeder can be a disaster both for you and your pet.

Here are some of the most important things that you should consider before buying an automatic cat feeder.

How Many Pets Do You Have?

If you have more than one kitten, you may want to invest in multiple automatic cat feeders. This will help in preventing over aggression and fights over food availability at the mealtime.

So, you should calculate all the expenses before buying multiple cat feeders for all your cats. However, keep in mind that the automatic car feeders are a bit pricier as compared to the non-automatic alternatives.

How Big Are Your Cats?

It is very important that you provide your cat with the right amount of food, as this will enable the cat to grow normally, play, and live a long and healthy life. But how can you determine how much you should feed your cat?

Well, this mostly depends on the size, age and health status. If your cat is overweight, you should focus on portion control. Lots of models come with timers to make sure that your cat gets the food on time and in the right amount.

What is The Ideal Capacity of Your Pet Feeder?

One of the main reasons on why people choose automatic cat feeders is that they don’t want to get directly involved in giving food to their cat again and again. But you’ll still need to refill it every now and then. So, you should consider how often you want to refill the feeder before using it again. For this, you can choose the best automatic cat feeder with the right capacity to feed your cat sufficiently, and on time.