These Crimes Increase During Holidays

Holidays are one of the happiest times of the year for all of us, but unfortunately, crimes are also at their highest during the holiday season. The last couple of months of the year are especially notorious for their high crime rates. This spike in crime rate might be because of the extra financial expectations in the holiday season, or due to the extra stress of living with the family.

Knowing more about the crimes will help you stay away from them during the holiday season. You can visit for more information. Here are some of the crimes that peak during the holiday season.


People going through financial hardship find it difficult to give their loved ones the holiday gifts that they expect from them. So, the pressure of giving everyone around you the right gifts might lead towards shoplifting. That’s why shoplifting cases are also at the highest number during the holiday season every year.

Drunk Driving

Holidays are all about celebration for many. That’s why many people throw parties and rink to their fullest. While ride sharing apps are a safe way to go back home if you’re drunk, many people still make the mistake of driving under influence. These cases also increase by a considerable margin in the holiday season.

Domestic Violence

While spending time with family is a happy thing for most of us, it isn’t the same for many. Holiday season can also bring tension and trouble for the families living together. That’s why domestic abuse cases also peak during the holiday season.

Online Shopping Scams

The rise of internet has made online shopping very easy. But many thugs and thrives have headed to the online field, where they rip innocent people off their hard earned money with the help of internet scams. So, stay safe and only buy from trusted sites.