Stamped Concrete Maintenance Tips

Stamped concrete is the type of concrete which can last for almost forever if taken care of properly. Stamped concrete can even perform better than plain concrete. Concrete maintenance can even cut down by properly sealing the concrete with the help of a proper sealant.

Some contractors even apply several layers of sealants to the concrete surface in order to completely seal it. Here are some of the best stamped concrete maintenance tips that you can follow.

Cleaning Guidelines

Follow these tips to properly maintain your stamped concrete in the ling term.

  • You can rinse the concrete surface with water, and use a broom every now and then to keep the floor clean.
  • Pressure washing can be used to deep clean the concrete floor. You can use the detergent as well to keep the floor clean. Wet mopping is usually enough to keep the indoor concrete surfaces clean.
  • Keep cleaning the concrete surface on a regular basis. Don’t allow the dust and debris to settle on the surface.
  • There are many types of Mark’s that your stamped concrete can suffer from especially of it is used outside. Stains and tire marks might not go away easily with just the normal water. Instead, you’ll have to use stronger washing and cleaning chemicals in order to remove the stains properly.
  • You can also use the periodic sealing method to keep the concrete surface smooth and nice-looking. This can keep the concrete safe from a variety of things like moisture penetration, and other things that might damage the concrete.
  • Hire a good stamped concrete contractor NH for regular stamped concrete maintenance and to make new stamped concrete as well. This will be the best thing you’ll do for your stamped concrete.

These are some maintenance tips that you can follow.