Sleep Apnea Mask Mistakes You Must Avoid

CPAP mask is inarguably the most important part of any CPAP setup. CPAP machine is designed to provide you with a continuous flow of high pressure oxygen during sleep to avoid stoppage of breathing while you’re sleeping.

The machine has a hose and a mask attached to that hose which you attach with your mouth and/or nose to get the needed supply of oxygen. But finding the right mask is necessary if you want an effective treatment of sleep apnea. This will further help you avoid any inconvenience.

Below mentioned are some of the most commonly made mistakes by people when they’re selecting a mask for sleep apnea.

Choosing The Wrong Size

The sleep apnea mask needs to fit your nose perfectly in order to work in the best possible way. Choosing the wrong sized mask can make it considerably harder to form a proper seal. So, you should try several masks and see what works the best for you. Also, keep in mind that actually sizes of the masks can vary depending on the manufacturer you’re buying from. So, always try the mask before buying.

Choosing The Wrong Style

There are lots of different types of masks with different shapes. Depending on how you sleep, you might prefer one type over the other. So, before buying a CPAP mask, see if you’d like the mouth or nostril masks. You should see which mask for your cpap if you sleep on your side should you buy.

No Cleaning The Mask Properly

Since you’ll certainly use the mask daily for a long period of time, bacteria will start accumulating on the mask and in the hose. This makes you more prone to bacterial diseases and infections.

To avoid this, remember to properly clean your CPAP mask after regular intervals.