How to Take Proper Care of Your Freshwater Aquarium Plants

Plants are one of the best things that you can add to your freshwater aquarium. Plants don’t only increase the beauty of your aquarium, but they can also help in the establishment of a self contained ecosystem inside the tank. Additionally, since the plants are known to absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful gases, they can help keep your aquarium clean and fit for any type of fishes that you might have in your aquarium.

In is true that plants are lived by the fish, as they can provide them with a source of reproduction, food and shelter. But the plants in your aquarium also need you to take proper care of them in return. While there are some plant types that require a lot of maintenance, you can choose the types that require less care as a beginner.

So, let’s start.

Choose The Right Plants

Always choose the right type of plants if you want to make your freshwater aquarium prosper. Make sure that the plants you choose are known as underwater plants. As far as the pH is concerned, you’ll need to keep it close to neutral for most of the plants, while some specific types might require different levels of pH in the water.

They’ll Require a Good Substrate

Just like the ground plants, the underwater plants also need something to attach their roots to. You can use laterite with an inch or so of gravel as a substrate in the tank, as they are good enough to support most of the plant types.

If you don’t know a lot about the substrate, you can choose to keep the plants in the pots they came in. Also, use the right light, provide the plants with fertilizer and learn some aquascaping skills to enjoy this hoppy, maybe you’ll become an Expert Aquarist with time!