How to Stop Acne at Home

Acne is a very common skin condition and once you start to understand how it’s caused, it’ll make a lot of sense too. Your skin has a lot of pores that excrete sweat and produce oils to keep your skin healthy. When your pores are clogged with dirt and oil or just dead skin, the clogged pore can collect some bacteria and start to fester. This can result in puss filled pimples or those nasty black heads. Some cases of acne are much worse as well but if you take care of your skin, you won’t have to ever find out how bad acne can be.

We care about acne because no one wants their face to be scared with pimple marks and the like. If you’re getting pimples day in and day out, then you have acne and you need to start reversing the damage done to your pores. Here are a few remedies for acne, taken from

Apple Cider Vinegar

If you go online and look for natural solutions for health problems, then you’ll come across apple cider vinegar pretty often. This is because the succinic acid in this vinegar is really good at stopping inflammation and the lactic acid even reduces scars and kills bacteria. Basically, it’s a three in one solution for acne.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree oil is widely regarded as one of the most useful essential oils for skin care and reducing inflammations. You can spot treat your acne with this essential oils and most of your pimples will dry out before they even form a head.

Use Natural Facial Masks

Part of the reason why you’re getting acne is that your skin is dirty. Clay masks and green tea extracts are really good at deeply cleaning your skin’s pores so that you don’t get acne from dirt at least.