How to Protect Solar Panels From Pigeons

Stopping birds from nesting under solar panels is somewhat of a challenge and if things are not done right during the installation phase then it would not be possible for us to stop these birds from nesting under the solar panels, not only these nests create different issues related to cleanliness but it also poses a threat to the expensive solar unit that you have installed, it is better to take the necessary action right at the start and avoid paying excess to companies which are not worthwhile for bird nest removal and proofing.

Bird proofing kits are available in the market and different service providers use steel mesh or pigeon nets to keep them away but it has been commonly seen that some of these solution are not as effective and one has to pay more than once for the same service and still not get the results, if you are getting the service done then make sure the company provides services with some warranties and their services are such that the current list of customers are satisfied and would vouch for them.

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