Expert Tips to Help in Maintenance of Mountain Bikes

If you are a proud owner of a mountain bike, then you most likely have spent a good chunk of your money on it. You already know that mountain bikes, although of great use, are pretty expensive. However, getting them to last you a long time or increasing their lifespan requires some effort and time on your part. If you genuinely want to keep your mountain bike in a good condition we’d recommend that you start by doing regular maintenance and checks on it.

With these regular maintenance checks, you will be easily able to detect a problem right away if there is one. Apart from that you will also have a much easier time with it i.e. your bike won’t break down while you are out. To make this job easier, we talked to a few experts and compiled a list of tips that will help you maintaining your folding mountain bike, check them out below.

Keep Your Bike Clean

Although it is very obvious, but you need to keep your bike clean. A lot of the times people tend to come back from their trips and weeks go by before they start cleaning up the dirt off the bike. This is a very reckless move because once this bike starts to dry up, it is very difficult to get it off and it might even affect the performance of your bike. So once you get back from your trip, we’d advise you to work on it right away or do not let it stay more than two days.

Always Check The Brakes

Another important tip that experts have emphasized upon while talking about maintenance of folding mountain bike is that they should always check the brakes. Not checking brakes and taking it out could potentially be dangerous if they aren’t working. Plus, there are times when you need to get professionals to do a servicing of the brakes.