Domain Name And Web Hosting Explained

We are all currently living in the age of the internet, and every single person around us is online either because of work, entertainment, communication needs or just for the sheer heck of it. Of course, when we are living lives that circle around our computers and the internet, we will often hear certain words and terms being tossed around like domain names, IP addresses, web hosting etc. Unless you work in e-commerce or on the internet in general for a living, these things are important to know. If you are looking to start your own website or personal blog, you can check out Certa Hosting UK for more information, and if you just need help differentiating between Domain names and web hosting, you can keep on reading below.

The domain name of a website can best be described as the address of the website. So, when you are typing the name of website address like for instance, then is the domain name of the website. Domain names exist so that we can visit websites most easily or else we would have to enter IP addresses, which, while feasible for computers, are not something your average person might favor.

Web hosting is best explained as the place where all of your website’s files and information is stored. So, when someone enters your domain name/website address, your webhost is what will take all of the relevant information out and then display them onto the screen. So, your web host is basically the house or storage area for all of your website information which is retrieved accordingly and then displayed onto the screen. So, your domain name and web host have to work together to get your website visible and, up and running, so always be sure to look into a good web hosting service.