Different Types of Body Fat And Their Dangers

We usually mention only the word “fat” when we see a fat person. But did you know that there are actually several different types of body fat.

Not every type of fat present in your body is dangerous. There are some types which are actually beneficial for your body as well.

Here are different types of fat cells present in a person’s body.

White Fat

White fat is usually the fat we think of when we listen the word “fat”. These are actually huge fat cells that surround our organs, things, buttocks and belly. Our body saves this fat to store energy for later use.

This fat performs some vital functions in our body. It helps in production of hormones like insulin and human growth hormone.

While some amount of white fat is necessary for the body, too much can cause serious problems. A healthy body fat percentage should be retained depending on your physical activity.

Essential Fat

This fat is exactly what its name suggests –Essential. It is necessary for the normal functioning of body organs like brain, bone-marrow, membranes and nerves.

This fat control various vital hormones in our body. These hormones control functions such as fertility, homeostasis and vitamin absorption.

There are actually a minimum amount of this fat which must be retained is we are to live. Females need at least 13% while males need 5% of this fat in their body, at a minimum.

Brown Fat

The brown fat is a type of fat mostly found in babies. Adults usually have a small amount in their neck and shoulders, if any.

The primary function of this fat is to keep you warm by burning the fatty acids. Experts are finding put ways of using this fat in treatment of obesity.