Deep Cleaning The Bedroom in an Hour

People usually don’t spend a great deal of time in their bedrooms. From getting up in the morning and hustling to get to work to coming home tired to bone and dropping on the bed, it is the room which renders the most comfort but also gets messed up real quick.

Tips to Clean The Bedroom in Less Time

One doesn’t need to spend hours to get their bedroom clean and tidied because in reality it would take probably 60 minutes to get the job done; only if you know the right tips.

Start With Daily Cleaning

Pick up things that are usually cleaned on a daily basis, except for the bed. Leave it for the end.

Remove Things That Do Not Belong to The Bedroom

Once the daily mess has been cleared, look around for stuff that is foreign to the bedroom. Donate what needs to be donated and discard things that are no more required. This is important because it is such inessential stuff that makes the room look cluttered.

Put Linens to Laundry

Strip the room of all linens such as drapes, curtains, bedsheet and pillowcases and put them to the laundry or to the dry cleaners as required. This will accentuate the freshness of the room at the end of the day.


Begin With Dusting

Next step is to get started with dusting but in a specific pattern that is top to bottom and from left to right so that the dirt isn’t circulated in the same place. Dust the ceiling and the ceiling fan, doors, walls, tables, lamps and other decorations. If there isn’t time to get all of this job done, there’s always an option to choose external house-cleaning help such as House Cleaning Sydney. Visit the website to know more about the services they render to get the bedroom clean and tidy.

Vacuum The Floor

Now that the drapes are removed and the furniture’s dusted, use a vacuum to throughly clean the room

Put Things Back to Their Places

Hang the freshly washed drapes, make the bed with the laundered bedsheet and pillowcases, ventilate the room properly and the result is a clean, tidied and fresh bedroom.