A Guide to Buying Portable Ashtrays

Ashtrays are a great thing to have if you smoke. Even if you are a stoner, having an ashtray handy can save you from making a big mess in your house. In addition to these, if you are used to smoking when sitting outdoors, the ash can still make a mess on the surface. That mess might later require you to pressure wash it out of the ground.

Portable ashtrays can save you from the embarrassment of finding a thing to ash in, especially if your host does not smoke. So if you want to buy a portable ashtray from brands like HaraSupply.com to avoid the embarrassment, you can read some points mentioned below.

Consider The Right Size

The right size of the ashtray will always depend on the type of smoking you do. For example, small ashtrays can fulfill your cigarette ash storage needs. Larger ashtrays are needed for cigars. For weeds, a cigarette ashtray would be enough, if you do not smoke a lot.

Accessibility is an Important Thing Too

When it comes to portable ashtray, many people are looking for packet sized models. At this size, the ashtrays are made from fire retardant plastic. These also come with their own lids for added convenience of using them on the go.

For heavy smokers, ashtrays made for car models are a good fit. These are usually large in size, so, they can handle more ash.

Throw in Some LEDs

If you want, you can buy some of the best ashtrays with LEDs as well, because, why not! The world is getting fancier everyday. These ashtrays usually fit well in cars. LEDs make sure that you are washing in the right place when you are driving in the dark. So, these have their own usage scenario.